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VFSS has received numerous awards from various US Federal agencies for the high quality delivery and performance on the projects

The VFSS team received “Team Leader” & “Program Executive” awards for their consistent, “Excellent” performance on the US Customs ACE Modernization project .

The VFSS team received Exceptional performance award for US Census “Fact Finder” Website. VFSS team members were called ‘Indispensable’ to this project.

Exceptional performance and tireless support, VFSS staff have received the “Above & Beyond” Award from the Bureau of Land Management.

Multiples Awards for “Service Excellence” from The US Forest Service during performance phase

US Army  “Over and Above” award on the GCSS/GFEB program.

Award winning performance on VFSS sponsorship and hosting of the “Thought Leadership Forums”.

DCCAP commended VFSS for an award winning outreach efforts with over a Million+ participation, exceeding the target.

IBM commended VFSS for demonstration of commitment to the IBM SAP Agent program and for VFSS sponsorship/hosting of the Logistics and Supply Chain ERP “Thought Leadership Forum”.