Corporate Diversity

Corporate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

VFSS recognizes the key role that Diversity Equity and Inclusion play  in recovery, resilience, and overall success  of its corporate culture, wellness and wellbeing of each employee.

Effective implementation of DEI strategies has helped to better support our  employees, build culture, and create a thriving business. Unification by Inclusion and policy of No-Tolerance for Discrimination of Race, color & Origin has been the corner stone of VFSS for the past 27 years.

Most importantly, our commitment to welfare, well-being and retention of employees has made VFSS a unique company that understands Recruitment of women and minorities of diverse ethnic backgrounds  as essential part of its success from the very beginning.    VFSS corporate community at all levels enforces and practices these responsibilities.

At VFSS we have created an environment of  business colleagues, friends, camaraderie and support, so each member of our corporate structure has better sense of responsibility, respect and mentoring  toward each other.    Employees have felt more engaged, empowered and content as they show up to work every day – whether in person or online – feeling safe, connected, and heard.

Hiring from diverse backgrounds and promoting diversity initiatives  thru our Talent Acquisition division (Refer to Talent Acquisition DEI Section) with certified DEI Recruiters and HR Personnel was the very steps we took.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion go hand-in-hand, and to experience real organizational change, VFSS has built a truly inclusive work culture. This means extending initiatives beyond the hiring process and providing equal opportunity and treatment throughout every touchpoint of the employee experience.

How VFSS promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in its workplace by requiring on-going hands-on meeting to address social Bias, Unconscious Bias, Employee Cultural Difference Inclusion, Employee Equity and Diversification.  Workshops, on-line Classes, HR Meetings have become an on-going requirement for all Management and Leadership Levels as well as general staff and employees.  We promote DEI thru the following aspects:


  • By Developing a strategic training program: Diversity training helps employees understand how cultural differences can impact how people work and interact at work. Our leadership clearly communicate why training is taking place, problems you’re trying to solve, and what comes next. This will help keep everyone motivated and also help them understand how the learnings tie back to broader company goals.
  • Acknowledge holidays of all cultures: build awareness of diversity and foster greater inclusivity is to be aware of and acknowledge a variety of upcoming religious and cultural holidays. We help employees become aware of and keep track of multicultural religious or holiday celebrations. Be respectful of these days when scheduling meetings and understand that employees have different needs that may require flexibility.
  • Encouraging Employees to participate in Employee Resource Groups: ERGs help build a culture of connection and belonging. Building on this, in addition to leveraging ERGs, employers can provide time for all employees to participate, whether it be creating a differing pay code for easy time tracking for ERG meetings or asking employees to share initiatives or projects the ERG is focused on. Senior leaders on board is also critical. An executive and/or leadership sponsor can not only help to increase visibility, innovation, and awareness, but can also help align ERG activities with business goals. Additionally, commitments from senior leaders signal a wider, organizational commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
  • VFSS improves employees’ cultural humility to manage bias and foster more inclusive environments. We encourage employees remain curious and humble about cultural differences. We also help employees manage their own bias by taking training classes which provides guidance, support, actions, forgiveness, and moving forward solutions.
  • VFSS provides fair opportunity for each employee. Pay scales are matched to roles and responsibilities and opportunities to move up the corporate ladder with equal pay promotions. Annual & Team Reviews provide to identify and pinpoint gaps that may exist thru change of job status, new projects, and other issues.
  • Creating Awareness about Unconscious Bias, which does not necessarily align with our conscious beliefs or declared beliefs. At VFSS group classes and meetings will help employees understand how individuals are impacted by unconscious bias, and what actions continue to reinforce biases. We encourage employees to review, question, and analyze their own personal biases and assumptions.
  • Mixed up Teams: a key part of diversity is understanding and learning from different voices, experiences, values, and cultures. A diverse cross-section of talent allows enhanced perspective, which will spur creativity on teams. There’s value in experiences with multiple perspectives, which inspires novel thinking, connecting thoughts in new ways, and different approaches to problem-solving.
  • Facilitate ongoing feedback: encourage everyone to share their feedback to get a better understanding of what’s going on under the surface. Deploying pulse surveys across the workforce will arm leaders with the information needed to make smarter decisions and reduce or eliminate any patterns of discrimination or biases within a particular branch or area of the organization.
  • Assess company policies in segments of the business in which discrimination can exist. provide every employee with the opportunity to work fairly and equitably, whether on-site, in the office, or working at home. Facilitating flexibility for all employees, helps to establish a more equitable and inclusive culture across the organization.

At VFSS we understand commitment for Unification is a constant effort only successful by fostering a culture to welcome opennesss, addressing issues at all management levels and providing solution to bring all groups together. 

VFSS realizes the Vital importance that a successful company starts at its leadership role and its Talent Acquisition Divisions.  This culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion only exists with participation of each employee in the organization to understand and respect this corporate culture from beginning will provide a positive impact in every aspect of the work place.

VFSS is a Woman Owned Ethnic Minority business at its core and we embrace DEI at all levels of our leadership in our organization.  Equally, we are committed to our Clients to develop and foster a Diverse, Equal and Inclusive environment for every talent we recruit for all of our clients.  We also support and help our clients to get on this track with various workshops, on-line training, in class training and conflict resolution programs. 

VFSS is more than just a Talent Acquisition Company, we make our clients and their employees  grow, succeed, benefit  and empower at all levels of workplace, well-being and lifestyle!

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