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US Federal Agencies

  • US Department of Homeland Security
    Customs and Border Patrol CBP Modernization
    Transportation Safety Authority OASIS I & II
  • US Department of Justice
    Unified Financial Management System UFMS
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC
    Information Technology Application Services IDIQ ITAS I & ITAS II
  • US Department of Agriculture USDA Forest Service
    Helpdesk Support Tier II & III for DBMS, Security, Server administration and support across all regions
  • National Science Foundation
    Cybersecurity monitoring and trend analysis
  • Social Security Administration BPA
    Provide Support Services
  • General Services Administration GSA
    SAM.gov web services development
  • National Archives and Records Administration
    Maintenance and Evolution of NARA Electronic Records Archive
  • US Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Financials Audit and reporting system
  • US Department of Energy STARS Program
    Financial Management System Overhaul
  • US Army GCSS Global Combat Support System
    Logistics, Supply chain, Business process Integration
  • US Army LOGMOD Logistics Modernization
    Supply chain management implementation
  • Defense Logistics Agency NIMS BRAC
    National Inventory Management System BPR
    Process control and report on Base Re-alignment
  • US Air Force FMES IPPS
    support for development of Full Mission Engineering Simulator
  • US Special Operations Command
    Modernization planning, programming, budgeting, administration and audit
  • US Navy Naval Medical Center DINPACS I & II PRISM
    Support medical data transmission thru global network of Naval Hospitals
    Naval Research Labs support migration to Enterprise Service Center
  • National Geospatial Agency
    Support High Availability OS license implementation