Management Consulting

International Management Consulting


We help analyze the challenges clients face & develop appropriate response. Our advisory & management consulting services include market assessments, policy analysis, strategy and concept development, change management strategy, and program design.


We implement and manage technological, organizational and management solutions, which is based on the results of our advisory services and team partner. Our implementation services include IT solutions, project and program management, strategic communications, and training.



We help clients increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs through program evaluation, business process reengineering, improvement initiatives, performance management, benchmarking, and ROI analyses.


We provide a central project management role, with the selection, management, and monitoring of projects across a defined portfolio of projects; customizing, maintaining and supporting project management methodology to ensure its adoption and consistent use; defining and optimizing project management technology infrastructure and its outputs. Supporting change management and continuous process improvement (ongoing maturation of project management capabilities).

Our approach is based on the following principles

Analytics – We bring together behavioral and cultural expertise, including deep program and industry knowledge, with world-class business technology solutions and methodologies

Results – Support from inception to completion, from research and analysis through implementation and improvement, we help our clients achieve results

Compassion– We are committed to our work and to our clients to help them achieve their vision and objectives for advancement of humanity

Sectoral Specific

  • Policy & Governance
  • Banking System
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Trade
  • Public Financial Management
  • Customs
  • Economics stabilization and Recovery
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Administration rehabilitaion

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