DEI Talent Acquisition

DEI Talent Acquisition, PP&B & Recruiting DEI Workshops

Fortune 100 companies, US Gov’t , Prime Contractors and System Integrators have relied on VFSS to help meet their contracting regulatory and diversity compliance requirements.  Companies rely on VFSS to provide niche skills needed to complete highly complex projects. VFSS is a nation-wide and global core supplier of It Professional Services, Staff Augmentation, HR/Talent Knowledge Delivery as well as providing  PP&B services to many of its clients.  

VFSS has regional recruiting in strategic locations complementing its team operation out of  Washington DC Area, Miami, Las Vegas and India dedicated to the North American market and support of clients on global level. This enables VFSS to perform recruiting across different time zones and at all hours of the day. This team, provides 24×7 recruiting and can increase in capacity and size on behalf of our client for peak periods and ramp-up requirements.  All of VFSS Recruitment team have significant experience in both technical and functional methodologies and practices, each having an average of 6.5 years of experience and a highly successful track record in sourcing requirements and provide recruitment of only the highest caliber professional resources.

  • VFSS recruiting strategy includes setting up Local and Offshore Talent /Recruiting Office, supporting US and Global Client projects with
  • Extensive experience sourcing from locale—working with Media, Grassroots organizations, Social Media, Universities, Open- Houses,  paid websites and VFSS own Internal Database of over 100K+ highly skilled candidates. 
  • VFSS has also added an additional pool of ‘Sourcers’ to augment the Recruiting team. This scalable team is responsible for creating pools of candidates to enable VFSS to be responsive to our clients’ requirements, reduce the costs of recruiting and provide  a diverse pool of talent in terms of ethnicity, race, background & gender for our clients.
  • PP&B is re-engineered based on client hiring process and it provides a proven streamlined sourcing & recruiting process & speed on Onboarding within 48 hours. Background Checks, Reference checks, E-Verify Employment Eligibility,  Medical & drug Test, Benefits packages, 401K and Client T&C Policies, to include 15 days Client warranty promote a smooth onboarding transition.
  • Off-shore/On-shore H1 Visa acquisition is also speed up with close coordination with VFSS and Client Legal team


Client DEI Talent Acquisition  & Employee Welfare & Wellness

VFSS places high emphasis on the quality and welfare of employees. We provide the best-in class on-boarding and continuous development opportunities. We focus on policies and procedures to retain talented personnel for our clients. We have clear career paths and succession planning to add value to career growth, identify ways to succeed, and develop a support network, empowering client staff to realize their highest potential.

What we bring to our clients is delivery of VFSS knowledge of DEI recruitment of talent which enhances the client diverse corporate culture of trust, mutual respect, integrity, and pride which  fosters an environment in which creativity, continued education, and teamwork are highly rewarded.

DEI Resource Training, Workshops & Classes

VFSS believes in keeping our Recruiters and Resource Managers on the cutting edge of new technologies and the ever changing era of regulatory compliance.  We work with both the client and the consultant to understand what training initiatives are important, both on the current project and also for upcoming projects, so that our clients feel comfortable that they have a resource who can be utilized in a multitude of roles.  Providing this training to our internal staff allows us to effectively qualify diverse skilled candidates in new and emerging technologies in order to ensure that our client is receiving services from validated technical consultants. 


In order to add an extra layer of quality to the submission process, VFSS has implemented a Resource Management (RM) group for its clients.  This group is dedicated to Client Recruiting Team, Technical Leaders and Program Managers to secure Diversity, Inclusion and Equity for each of clients’  Talent Acquisition opportunities (Short/Long/Permanent) to further qualify candidates.

VFSS RM group acts as a pre-sale component and responsible for understanding the client’s Technical, Function and DEI requirements and making sure that its been met at clients corporate level within Client’s Recruiting Division.

Secondary Vendor Strategy

VFSS has been both prime supplier as well as secondary supplier with clients throughout North America.  VFSS understands the balance and how utilizing secondary vendors can prove to be successful in meeting client’s requirements.  Few years ago, one of our subcontractors was able to successfully transition over 75 consultants from eight vendors when our client awarded the right to transition ex-core suppliers’ consultants to the subcontractor.  The team provided our client with a transition plan which provided a process that was seamless to the client and was successful in implementation. VFSS understands that for this transition strategy to be successful, the secondary suppliers must be able to participate and grow their business alongside VFSS in a WIN – WIN scenario. 


DEI – A Diverse Pool of Talents

VFSS is constantly growing the diversity of its pool of talents by recruiting from DEI Accredited Vendors who are Minority Owned, Women Owned, and/or Socio-economically Disadvantaged Businesses as well as DEI Accredited Institutions such as Historically Black and Hispanic Universities and Schools all across the US.  As a Woman-Owned Ethnic Minority Business, it is our mission to promote internally and externally DEI workshops, classes, on-line platform support for our cliens HR Team Managers & Recruiters, to support them in DEI Talent acquisition process.


DEI Certified Recruiters:  VFSS hires internally and externally DEI Certified Recruiters for our clients all over the US in order to support our clients in meeting their diversity participation within their organizations.  As part of this effort, we invite our clients to properly advertise and attend trade shows, conferences and recruiting sessions with universities, job fairs and on-line platforms to help and support them to recruit with various LGBT community,  ethnic minorities, disadvantaged and Women Organizations to achieve a more sensible diverse talent acquisition.   

Ability to support Multiple Lines of Client’s Business

  • VFSS is fully capable of supporting our clients’ multiple lines of business. Our emphasis on four key factors has been critical to our success. We focus on our core competencies, particularly our ability to provide very skilled, specialized and uniquely qualified candidates at competitive rates.
  • Build and grow strong relationships with the client and deep process knowledge of the client’s go to market strategy and delivery models in terms of both Technical, Functional & HR aspects. (i.e. Signature Sales Methodology (SSM), World Wide Project Management Method (WWPMM), etc.) which enable us to look for creative and innovative ways in which we can assist our client in driving revenue and winning business, as well as creating a culture of trust and respect.
  • VFSS ability to recruit globally permits us to recruit diverse candidates with hard-to-find niche expertise and delivery anywhere in North America and Globally. Finally, our team is committed and accountable to the success and growth of this relationship. VFSS business processes involve partner-driven resource delivery and teaming models that are specifically tailored to support client’s unique multiple lines of business, training for HR & DEI  talent acquisition, recruiters, as well as DEI training for client Leaders & management to achieve a shared common believe.

H1B – OFF Shore Quality Talent Acquisition

Our Immigration Team Partners has a proven track record of being highly efficient in processing Visas. This team has the expertise and a long record of success in transferring and obtaining H1B Visas, processing Green Cards, and obtaining TN Visas and/or work permits into the US. In addition, VFSS legal department has firsthand knowledge and experience in the laws for acquiring international candidates. 


VFSS global recruitment network, 2nd tier vendors and associates spanning different time zones will help reduce the risk associated with full-filling skills not previously filled with quality recruiting. The long history of the working relationship with our partners allows our team to anticipate the need ahead of the skill required, also reducing the risk of failure to perform.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​