Our Services

Over the years, our core competencies may have evolved with changing technologies, ensuring our commitment to our clients’ success. Let’s work together to promote diversity and create the innovative organizations of the future.

Innovative IT Solutions

The information age and the advent of the internet has transformed the use of highly customized legacy applications into fully utilized service oriented software. VFSS methodology for the development of web enabled software relies on this very concept of easily accessible applications based on an open platform and convenient single sign-on access for customers and administrators. VFSS is committed to using established standards to facilitate web enablement for its clients.

DEI Talent Acquisition Strategy

As an Ethnic Minority Woman-Owned Business, VFSS with over 27 years of experience has core in-depth Technical Recruiting & significant strength in hiring diversity & minority which has been efficient and effective, to meet the ever changing challenges of  Talent Acquisition.  VFSS is a Top Secret Cleared Facility.  Its Talent Acquisition Division has certified DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) recruiters. 

Corporate Diversity

VFSS recognizes the key role that Diversity Equity and Inclusion play  in recovery, resilience, and overall success  of its corporate culture, wellness and wellbeing of each employee.

Effective implementation of DEI strategies has helped to better support our  employees, build culture, and create a thriving business. Unification by Inclusion and policy of No-Tolerance for Discrimination of Race, color & Origin has been the corner stone of VFSS for the past 27 years.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​